The Multiplier event (E1) was scheduled for March 2020. According to the recommendation of the National Erasmus Agency, due to pandemic and restrictions imposed with it, the event was postponed. It was rescheduled for 25th February 2021. It was organised by the Romanian partner University Politehnica Timisoara and was held as an online event. The main target of the event was the dissemination of results obtained in the IOs of the project.

The purposes of the event were:

  1. Presentation of Project MIND. Mechatronics competences and skills and innovative learning methods for Industry 4.0.
  2. Presentation of the results of Intellectual Output IO-1 MIND
  3. Presentation of the results of Intellectual Output IO-2 MIND
  4. Presentation of the results of Intellectual Output IO-3 MIND.

Lecture: Smart Manufacturing and Automation with Industry 4.0

Lecture: Implementation of new manufacturing technologies and systems for Industry 4.0.

A total attendance of E1 was 114 persons from various companies and institutions: Contitech, Mitsubishi Electric, Honeywell, Heraeus Romania, Robsol, Hamilton Central Europe, Kromberg & Schubert, Continental, Continental Automotive etc.


Event Agenda

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ME Report

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